Saturday, September 4, 2010

Google Chrome Turns Two; Graduates to Version 6

Google's surprise offering to us two years ago in the form of Google Chrome has become one of the most successful Google products ever - a fact which cannot be denied.

The browser, which has been able to make steady inroads into many users who were either Firefox or Opera fans, has just turned two and on the occasion, Google released version 6 of the browser to the stable channel with a few cosmetic and under the skin changes.

The more notable additions to the latest version are the following:
  • A new, more powerful autofill feature.
  • A new unified menu. Earlier versions had two.
  • Sync has been tweaked with it now able to sync autofill data and even extensions!

What you might miss is the hardware acceleration support that is yet to appear. If you're perplexed as to what hardware acceleration is doing on a browser, let us just summarize it for you. With web pages getting complex day by day, your older browser would find it increasingly difficult to render them. This has resulted in the development of web browsers that use your computer's GPU to help it render complex pages faster and more effectively.

Chrome's version 7 is likely to support hardware acceleration and going by the rate at which Google has been updating Chrome, that day doesn't look much far either!