Sunday, December 7, 2014

upgraded kernel to 3.16.0-25

yesterday upgraded kernel of my xubuntu 14.04 to 3.16 series from 3.13 series. no visible change so far. let's see how does it work.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

updating R with installed packages

found this very good instruction. keeping for future references-

"First, we need a location to install all our packages from now on. This can be any directory, and location of this directory should be indicated in ~/.Renviron file. Let's create that directory now:

mkdir ~/Rlibs

We created Rlibs directory in our home directory. Now, create the .Renviron file in your home directory and enter the following line and save the .Renviron file:


We can now start R and install any library. The libraries will be installed to ~/Rlibs, and when we update R, R will still look for libraries in ~/Rlibs directory so we don't need to re-install the libraries. However, we will need to update the libraries in ~/Rlibs directory to their most recent versions. All we need to do is to run update.packages() in R console, and the libraries will be updated."

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

finally orkut is going to go

orkut is a social networking site, launched in 2004. i still remember it was the first social networking site i have participated. it is going to be discarded by google, just like google reader, google buzz etc. when google reader was thrown away by +Google , felt very sad and cursed google for continuing orkut but discarding google reader. apparently, the curse affected orkut; not feeling very good really.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

opera 24 developer version available for ubuntu

+Opera next is released for linux; though only for debian based distros at present. opera returned to linux after a gap of almost one year!

tried it in +Xubuntu 14.04 and my main problem with it is not solved! it still could not show bengali properly. more importantly, it does not allow me to write bengali in the browser anymore. bengali could be written in firefox and chromium just by changing the keyboard layout to bengali (settings>Keyboard> layout). but with opera 24 developer version, even after changing the keyboard layout i am unable to write bengali. bengali could be written in mousepad/gedit and copy-pasted into the browser but could not be written inside the browser directly!!!

opera is coming with 7 speed dials and option to add more. opera buttion is showing different options. personally, i like the option to control zoom from these options!

Monday, June 2, 2014

final term, antivirus encryption in linux

distrowatch of 2nd June, 2014 is a feature rich publication. out of various interesting posts, i liked most the writing about final term, a feature rich terminal emulator.  it is at present in the developing stage; but the screenshot posted in their github page is quite interesting.

free flow of text in linux, completion of commands are some of the interesting additions. will have to keep my eyes open for the stable release of this one.


the other interesting post was about viral attack and encryption in linux. quite an interesting read.


"......There are a number of reasons for this general lack of malware on Linux-based desktop systems. For one, the GNU/Linux desktop community is relatively small when compared next to the Android smart phone community or the Microsoft Windows desktop market.....

......This makes desktop Linux a small, heterogeneous target that quickly guards against new, known vulnerabilities.....

.....Linux typically does not try to run executable files it finds on CDs or USB thumb drives, at least not automatically........

......Perhaps one of the most popular anti-virus programs available for Linux users is ClamAV.......

.........In short, anti-virus software protects against malware which might be accidentally run on your computer, a firewall guards against remote intrusions and encryption keeps your data private in the case someone gains physical access to your computer. None of these is fool-proof, but each tool offers protection against a specific threat.........."

Sunday, June 1, 2014

post sale experience with Eposn

as i have mentioned three months back, my epson stylus TX 121 is no more.

the problem with the machine is that it could not be powered on. now that i have some free time, i planned to repair it. after a little bit of googling, reached Epson India's website. they are very politely referring to the list of service centres; but that page which supposed to have the list of service centres only have this and nothing else!

For service, product info or to order a cartridge:
  • Hotline: 1800 425 0011
  • Operating hours: 9AM to 6PM, Mon - Sat

For service:
  • Hotline: 1860 3000 1600
  • Operating hours: 9AM to 6PM, Mon - Sat

dialled the hotline number (May 29, 11:39 am) and after talking a little bit, the person on the other side provided me a landline number (03322152823) based on my location. apparently, this is closest to my location and will help me to get fast service!

so, time for calling again. dialled this landline number and though it was ringing but no one took the call. irrespective of the time of calling (from 9am to 6pm), no body is picking up the receiver! and this is continuing since 29th May, 2014.

while buying the  printer, my friends told me about the poor quality of service of epson; but i ignored them. my thinking was that a large MNC like epson must have something available! my experience is proving them right unfortunately. overall, its really a traumatic experience with Epson so far.

update (4/6/2014): finally my call was received. no home repair service though. have to take this machine to epson care, around 25 kms away!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

created an android app

it was under consideration for a long time. a long time back, created an application for symbian; however that application is no more! :(

finally able to create one app about myself. it is named soumalya. dont know if its an example of my narcisstic behaviour or not!
anyway, it could be downloaded from -

next point is to publish it in google app store; but $25 seems a bit high for a hobby! :)