Saturday, March 29, 2014

shift to duckduckgo complete

i am using duckduckgo as search engine for quite sometime. however, the default option in the chromium remained google.

with the recent update to chromium version 33, the new tab page started showing  a huge +Google doodle and +Google Search™  bar. did not like it. unfortunately, there was no way to return to the previous "new tab page"!

so changed the default search engine from google to duckduckgo. the earlier "new tab page" did not return but at least the huge doodle and search bar vanished.

why could +Google not restrict these changes to chrome and leave chromium alone? just wishing now for a way to return to the previous "new tab page" or to have a little bit bigger thumbnails .

Sunday, February 23, 2014

my epson stylus TX 121 is no more

bought an Epson stylus TX 121 around two and half years back. main intention was to take some sporadic prints and to scan few necessary documents. it served me well so far.

unfortunately, i could not switch it on anymore since yesterday. when i tried to switch it on yesterday, it failed to power on. now i could either repair it or go for a new one. i usually do not try to repair electronic gadgets once it starts malfunctioning. so, most probably, will buy a new one in future. question is how to get rid of this e-waste now!

RIP, Epson Stylus TX-121

Saturday, February 15, 2014

opening feedly tabs in background in chromium

using +feedly since +Google killed googlereader. all credits should be given to the developers of +feedly for creating such a good reader and for scaling up their operations so smoothly. there were some problems, but overall the transfer from googlereader to +feedly  was smooth.

the only thing i missed about +Google reader was the ability to open the news links in background tabs. whenever i pressed 'v', the links opened in a new focused tab. my habit was to open the interesting news first in the background and then reading them. it was really helpful to me probably because of my slow internet connection. i did not find this feature  in +feedly . in +Mozilla Firefox , it was not a problem; however it was a big problem for chromium.

finally found an extension to solve this problem - Feedly Background Tab. really could not understand why i did not find this one earlier! finally able to open background tab with ';'.

Monday, February 3, 2014

horrible fifth week of 2014

the last week was horrible. it started with a rail roko on 27th Jan and ended with an EMU derailment on 1st Feb. a disastrous week in total.

when left home on the very first day of the fifth week of the year, had absolutely no idea what was in store for me! reached barrackpore railway station at 8:50 for catching the 8:48 barrackpore local to sealdah. the timing might seem a bit paradoxical; but i have an explanation and it is the regular delayed departure of barracpore local. it rarely, if ever, leave barrackpore station before 8:53. anyway, after reaching the station on the fateful day, all i could see was the heads of innumerable people. as usual, most people preferred to stand in the over bridge rather than on the platform, making movement even more difficult. received a phone call from +Prosanta Ghosal .  then only, i understood the actual reason for the chaos.

the workers of the Lumtex jute mill in Titagarh were conducting a rail roko for opposing the closure of their mill. the workers, under the guidance of the 11 trade union, were agitating for a long time and asking Government of West Bengal to intervene. finally they decided to conduct the rail roko and announced it openly. some materials could be found from this +Google search page.

i had decided to try an alternative route - crossed the river Ganges and reached Sheoraphulli. took a train to Howrah and reached my institute- All India Institute of Hygiene and Public Health- just on time. but it was not the end of the ordeal. in fact, it was just the beginning! i was under the impression that the rail roko would be removed and how long could a rail roko continue? at the end of the day, almost 7 hours after reaching the institute, when i left institute, again i had absolutely no idea what was going to happen! on reaching Sealdah station, i found that the rail roko was still continuing. railway was running Sodepur passenger specials only with no definite time interval mentioned. had to return to Howrah for getting back to home. the rail roko ultimately continued for 12 hours! nobody was able to remove them from their position of agitation. they withdrew it only after the state minister agreed to seat with them.

and similarly what an end to the week. on the last day of the week (1st feb) around 6 am on the morning, Shantipur local derailed just after leaving Dumdum station. this incident again brought the local train movement to a standstill almost. 108 trains were cancelled. lack of maintenance was one the possible reasons. +The Times of India published an article on this.

overall,a horrible week; but finally it came to an end at least! ufffff!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

linux kernel regression in 3.11

posting after a really long time. lots of things happened in the mean time. finished trekking at sandakpur. returned from sandakpur, tried to switch on the +HP laptop. unfortunately it did not start. took it to +HP service centre. they could not repair it. so, bought a new laptop - this time a +Lenovo product -G580 without windows.

installed +Xubuntu 13.10 - 64 bit in this with 3.11 kernel. the last +Linux kernel i used in the +HP laptop was of 3.8 series; and my +Huawei India E 355 worked perfectly with that one. naturally i thought, i would not face any problem with 3.11 kernel.

strangely, however, machine refused to recognise +Huawei Device E355.

faced a lot of trouble for the last few months. finally this post in linux mint forum solved the problem. full credit goes to the original poster in the german forum and loki for translating it.

sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r) build-essential
mkdir cdc_ncm
cd cdc_ncm
wget -O Makefile
wget -O cdc_ncm.c
sudo make install
cd cdc_ncm
sudo make install

Sunday, September 29, 2013

google changed the login page

Hearing about this for a long time and it finally happens. +Google finally changed the log in page for all of its services. It now looks like this-
after first log in using this, people will be forwarded to the accounts page and they will have to choose the desired service from the google toolbar from that page. pressure on the bandwidth, truthfully. 

Friday, August 30, 2013

difficulties in using aircel 3G

Presently, I am using mobile internet connection with +Aircel and +Huawei India modem -E355.

Initially, i took a connection of 2GB data for 3 months. Once it is consumed, i planned to make a recharge.

The ordeal began at that point.

Aircel simply does not allow 3G data recharge online. Though they have an online recharge facility, but it does not work. When you are going to use the option of data for 3G dongle, it will suggest you to use pocket internet smart option and then on using pocket internet smart option, it will suggest you to use something else!

I am there to recharge my data balance, why should i use any other service? Its an incredulous behaviour and suggestion.

However, the recharge is working from retailers; but why should i have to go to retailers when i could do it online? In fact, +Aircel should provide additional data to those willing to do the recharge online.

Instead of giving more data, what +Aircel is doing is giving more headache and misery to the tech savvy generation. Really a sorry state of affair!