Saturday, March 19, 2016

some 3G love from airtel

i used to think myself as a loyal airtel customer. i am using present connection since december, 2005. prior to that, i was using an airtel +MTV connection for few years.
in 2014, i joined +Sikkim Manipal Institute of Medical Sciences as an assistant professor. i tried to continue using my airtel sim in gangtok. however, quality of connection was not only poor but most of the times, it was non-existent. i was very unhappy. however, being a loyal customer, could not leave the connection behind in spite of higher call charges and poor coverage.
after several failed attempt to the +Airtel India  customer care through social media (twitter, facebook), i decided to resign from SMIMS and returned to west bengal in 2015. finally, +airtel India  has decided to share some love. it is now offering 3G speed to 2G net connections. i received this offer few days back. under this offer, i was asked to enable 3G connection in my mobile network and enjoy 3G speed for 2G net connections.

some of my twitter interactions with airtel cc are as follows:-

planning to write a small review on the net connection as well in near future.