Wednesday, June 25, 2014

opera 24 developer version available for ubuntu

+Opera next is released for linux; though only for debian based distros at present. opera returned to linux after a gap of almost one year!

tried it in +Xubuntu 14.04 and my main problem with it is not solved! it still could not show bengali properly. more importantly, it does not allow me to write bengali in the browser anymore. bengali could be written in firefox and chromium just by changing the keyboard layout to bengali (settings>Keyboard> layout). but with opera 24 developer version, even after changing the keyboard layout i am unable to write bengali. bengali could be written in mousepad/gedit and copy-pasted into the browser but could not be written inside the browser directly!!!

opera is coming with 7 speed dials and option to add more. opera buttion is showing different options. personally, i like the option to control zoom from these options!