Sunday, September 25, 2011

BSNL is blocking btjunkie is a torrent indexing site.It crawls on the net and indexes torrents.It is probably the most popular torrent indexing site.
Apparently BSNL blocked this site.I don't know since how long this block is in place but i found it out today morning.Was searching for LMDE.The result is visible below.
Its not so with other ISPs like reliance,tata or airtel.
I just don't understand why BSNL is blocking it now??????There is no scheduled big movie release in near future.Even if there are some plans,then those particular torrents could be blocked but how could a torrent indexing site be blocked???????
After all,torrent itself is not illegal;distributing copyright protected material without permission is illegal.
BSNL's step is like "removing the water source because diarrhea is a water borne disease;instead of treating diarrhea"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!