Sunday, September 5, 2010

Jesus was HIV +ve

A South African pastor has angered Christians by preaching a sermon entitled "Jesus was HIV positive" in a bid to combat the stigma surrounding HIV and AIDS.

"My responsibility as a pastor is to paint a picture of a god who cares for people and wants the best for them, not one who judges them and is ashamed of them," Reverend Xola Skosana was quoted as saying.

Last month Skosana, who has lost two of his sisters to AIDS, underwent an HIV test in front of his congregation, along with more than 100 young people from the township.

While his approach has been appreciated by AIDS campaigners in South Africa, some Christians have accused him of portraying Jesus as sexually promiscuous.

Former president Thabo Mbeki fought the claims of AIDS campaigners. "They're saying you can't reconcile Jesus and AIDS," Mbeki said.