Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mouseover bug bites Twitter

Another security flaw has hit the popular microblogging website Twitter. The bug on the Twitter website caused pop-up messages to appear or opened third-party websites when users just hovered the cursor over a link.

The latest Twitter security exploit took advantage of the onMouseOver javascript code on the website, but it didn't appear to affect the third-party Twitter clients that many use to keep track of tweets.

Experts have advised users to stay away from the Twitter website and use other Twitter clients instead.

According to reports the bug was widely exploited by users, many of whom used it for fun but the possibility of cybercriminals taking advantage of the flaw has not been ruled out.

The twitterverse is abuzz with "onmouseover" and "mouseover" tweets, with both the terms featuring amongst the top trending topics.

Neither the official Twitter account (http://twitter.com/twitter) nor the Twitter Status site (http://status.twitter.com) had any update on the security flaw at the time of filing this report.