Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mozilla shows off Seabird Concept Phone

Mozilla Labs has shared a community driver concept mobile phone - Mozilla Seabird that will make your jaws drop in awe. It's not a fake viral promotion like the Pomegranate phone. Designer Billy May has created the Seabird concept phone mockups and video that will simply blow you off your feet.

Mozilla Seabird is a part of Mozilla Labs' Concept series and is basically an experiment to understand how users may interact with mobile content in future. Starting off with the basics, the Seabird seems to run Google's Android mobile operating system. With touchscreen support, the Seabird will feature embedded Bluetooth dongle that will also serve as Haptic Clicking point. It can be used as Bluetooth Headset and even for 1:1 Infrared Tracking.

Samsung Beam was the first smartphone with a Pico projector inside it. To carry on that legacy forward, the Seabird concept incorporates two Pico projectors that also serve out angular virtual keyboards for typing. Those keyboards will remind you of Jarvis computer in Iron Man movies.