Monday, September 13, 2010

New chip to power nextgen super smartphones

You seem to think your iPad is pretty cool? Wait for a new chip that will help make even more advanced generation of 'super smartphones'.

ARM Holdings, the UK microchip unit behind the success of Apple's mobile devices, said its new chip, code-named Eagle, would allow Apple and other mobile phone makers, to create phones with five times the "brain power" of current models.

Ian Drew, ARM's marketing director, said the new chip would help develop phones with "five times better content and five times better performance" by 2013, according to the Telegraph.

"It will be like carrying a computer around in your pocket, but it will only be the size of a phone and will have the battery life to last all day," he said.

Drew said the new Cortex A15 chip would allow mobile phone application designers to let their imagination soar to create a new generation of games and tools.

Apple's iPhone4 and iPad are based on ARM's current Cortex A8 chip. ARM's designs are used in almost all of the world's mobile phones.

ARM has signed initial agreements with Texas Instruments, ST-Ericson and Samsung, and the vast majority of mobile phone makers are expected to follow suit.

The new low-power design will also help ARM break into computer servers and TVs.