Wednesday, September 29, 2010

no firefox mobile for iphone,home app for s^3

Mozilla has clarified that no Firefox Mobile version for iPhone is in the works. Infact, Firefox Home app that syncs the Firefox web browser data in a read-only format for the iPhone, will also be introduced for BlackBerry and Symbian platforms. However, Mozilla said that it is investigating the possibility of a Firefox Home app for the iPad.

Firefox Home app was released for iPhone and iPod touch in July. The app shows Firefox Browser Data in a read only format. This obviously made everyone wonder whether the mobile version of Firefox aka Fennec will be released for the iOS platform or not. Mozilla, in the blog post stated, "There are technical and logistical restrictions that make it difficult, if not impossible, to build the full Firefox browser for the iPhone."

However, Mozilla is indeed investigating a possibility of bringing the Firefox Home app for iPad as well which is interesting as users would get offline data in a bigger and easily viewable scale. Meanwhile, Mozilla did chart out a number of features that could be expected in the future update of Firefox Home app.

  • Synchronize passwords to your phone so you don't have to type them in anymore.
  • Better integrate with new iOS4 features and other native applications (such as Youtube, Maps, Mobile Safari etc.)
  • Bring other Firefox customizations such as search engine preferences.
  • Bring your Firefox  Panorama settings and tab groups to your phone.
  • Some experimental features will allow you to easily share links, reviews and comments with friends on Twitter, Facebook or other social networks directly from Firefox Home.
  • Build the ability to provide feedback and get help with any issues directly from within Firefox Home.