Monday, September 6, 2010

Olive Telecom Partners With Airtel

following close on the heels of the launch of India's first 3.5G OlivePad, Olive Telecom has recently partnered with Airtel for its handset 'Olive FrvrOn' V-G2300, India's first hybrid-dual powered mobile phone compatible with any AAA battery. The users will have an advantage of a free Airtel connection with the handset.


Olive FrvrOn has the potential of providing the user 'Non Stop' telephony at a price of Rs 1,299. 

As part of the initiative Olive Telecom and Airtel have started a marketing campaign to penetrate deeper into the rural markets through a Van promotion which goes way beyond 'off highway' to reach the heartland of the state. 19 vans are already in action from the Kolkata, Cooch Behar & Behrampur hubs. These vans have promoters on board who demonstrate the device and talk about the inherent advantages. The van purchase also gives villagers an added advantage of coming with a free gift, a battery powered LED lantern, a utility item which is matched with our battery operated phone.

As an ongoing revenue model, Retailers are offered chargers and re-chargeable batteries, for them to loan it to consumers.

The new innovation in mobile handset category is aimed at giving unlimited 'power' in the hand of the users. A user upon running out of electricity charge in the supplied LiOn battery can simply slot in any AAA battery available in the phone and stay connected, thus keeping their mobiles phones 'forever on' by charging the main battery simultaneously.

The device has a price tag of Rs. 1,299. It comes in a compact design with essential mobile phone features such as FM radio, polyphonic ring tones, 1.5" color display, stereo handset and speaker phone.