Wednesday, September 29, 2010

playstation in india at 3700

Sony has brought the PlayStation Move platform to India, and it should be available within the month. The pricing has been revealed as well, and everything so far seems attractively priced, especially if you consider the current price of the PS3 console in the Indian market.

  • Move motion-controller – Rs. 2,499
  • Navigation sub-controller – Rs. 1,899
  • Starter bundle (Move controller, Eye camera, Starter disc with Move game demos) – Rs. 3,650

Unfortunately, it looks like you won’t be able to buy the PlayStation Eye camera separately, and so, the PlayStation Move Starter bundle is pretty much mandatory. Numerous Move supporting titles are already available in the market, such as Sports Champions, Kung Fu Rider, and more. Keep in mind that the Navigation sub-controller is not required to enjoy the complete Move experience, as the DualShock Sixaxis controllers you already own can serve the same function. There's no word of a complete bundle either, one that includes the console along with one DualShock controller, one Move controller, one PlayStation Eye camera, and a game. We suspect it's just a matter of time. Prices are pretty close to what you'd expect buying it from the United States, so there is an up side after all.