Sunday, September 19, 2010

women economists are better than male counterparts?

"When the global recession brought banking behemoths and financial institutions down on their knees, commentators dubbed it as a man-made disaster, "a testosterone-fuelled meltdown caused by men with high-risk appetite". "

this is an illogical logic.there is an attempt now a days to show that women are always good and men are always dog!men bashing is the latest in thing apparently.

india did not suffer the melt down mainly due to the left politics.the left parties did not allow aggressive FDI and privatistions and thats the reason why india is safe till now.though congress is adamant to claim this as its success but thats not the truth.its time to accept this.

just have a look at the number of the women members of the politburo and this theory(women better than men)will be blown in the wind.except brinda karat (wife of prakash karat!!!!!!!!),how many women are there?

western economists are now trying to find fault in everything,even in the shadows.they should stop this,otherwise they will keep following their own tail