Friday, October 15, 2010

example of aussies' india hatred

1. Which is the country with the largest number of racial attacks - "curry bashings" - on Indians, for over a year now?

2. Which is the country which has 23 per cent of the world's total Uranium reserves but has steadfastly refused to sell it to India, even though the Nuclear Supplier's Group has okayed the sales?

3. Which is the country against whom India almost forfeited a cricket test due to biased umpiring?

4. Which is the country who raised racism charges against an Indian cricketer, and against the unwritten understanding that what happens on the field should remain on the field complained to the match referee and the ICC?

5. Which is the country against whose athletes threw a washing machine down eight floors of their apartments during the CWG 2010, in protest against the Indian team handing them a drubbing on the cricket field? And abused the nation's cricketing god?

6. Which is the country which regularly issues security alerts and threatens to boycott sporting events in India?

7. Which is the country in which senior police officers were circulating a videos of an Indian being electrocuted in a train and joking that 'this" was the way to deal with the immigrant Indians in their country?

What does this suggest? Isolated instances. Or the result of a particular Australian attitude towards India. Racial undertones or plain jealousy - at an erstwhile Third World country's ascendancy in the global economic and power calculus?

However, the preaching and the supercilious attitude that they display should not hide their status of being the leader in the world in one thing - of having "one of the highest proportions of overweight citizens" in the world.

It's time to say no to Aussie whining and nonsense.