Thursday, October 28, 2010

finally indian govt showing some spine

The Home Ministry has finally decided to get tough with Chinese migrant workers in India. The ministry has created new visa categories to check the entry of unskilled labourers to India.


In a bid to check the entry of unskilled workers from China, the Ministry of Home Affairs has now given a nod for a new category of visas for Chinese workers.


First, the new visa category will be called Project Visas.




India to issue new visas for Chinese workers


Second, the new category of visas applies only for skilled and highly skilled workers.


Third, the new visa can be used only for power, iron and steel sectors.


Project Visas is going to apply to skilled and highly skilled workers in mainly two sectors – the iron and steel and iron power sectors. A lot of demand from industries for Chinese workers who are coming into the country to complete some of these projects has surfaced. The immediate trigger has been the Balco-Chimney collapse after which the government really decided to streamline its visa policy in these two sectors.


There will be a cap where 281 workers for every 600 mw of power and 300 workers for every million tonne of steel or 10 per cent of workforce in green field project or 5 per cent in brown field projects.


However, the big issue here is that project visas cannot be converted into employment visas