Sunday, October 10, 2010

headly link found

The Mumbai underworld's involvement in the 26/11 plot was always suspected but never proved. With no leads, this line of line of inquiry was going cold. But a startling finding in the course of an unrelated investigation could prove to be that piece of elusive evidence.

It appears that Chand Madar, the alleged diesel smuggler who was shot dead close to the land mark CST station last month, may have helped Pakistan-born jihadi David Coleman Headley to carry out a recee of the Mumbai coastline to identify the point at which to disembark.

Chand, it's now believed, was more than mere diesel smuggler. He was also a close associate and business partner of Mohammed Ali Shaikh, allegedly an ally of fugitive don Dawood Ibrahim. But their relationship is said to have soured over profit-sharing and Chand was murdered. Sources said Chand's Headley connection cropped up during 24x7 surveillance of diesel gangs operating on the high seas.

The diesel smugglers operated off the Mumbai coast. Mohammed Ali Shaikh, who was arrested in connection with Chand's killing, has now been detained by Mumbai Police under MCOCA, and for the first time, the police has publicly acknowledged his links with the underworld.He contested last year local election. These agencies were not so much concerned about diesel smuggling as they were with the possibility of arms and ammunitions being smuggled in along with the other contraband.

The surveillance officers handling the listening devices were taken aback when they heard Chand telling some of his associates about having taken Headley on his boat.