Thursday, November 11, 2010

big net radio-india's first i-talk radio

Reliance, through their property BIG Digital, are launching India's first internet talk radio, which will be named BIG Net Radio. The main content of this radio will be related to Bollywood, spiritual matters and humour. They're aiming at appealing to Indians not only in India but also the diaspora in foreign lands. The service will be free of charge. 

Reliance's internet talk radio 

Reliance is basically cashing in on the imminent 3G spectrum. Because it's internet radio, it's available to both commuters (with 3G on their phones of course) and the folk at home. Go to the website here to listen in. It's got a pretty intuitive interface, with the three channels right in front of you. It wasn't working on our networks so we can't comment on the audio quality yet, but let us know if it's worked for you and what you think. For mobile users, it seems you'll have to access this radio from the browser, as there is no separate mobile application for it yet. Presumably, Nokia users might be able to channel in using their internet radio application though