Wednesday, November 24, 2010

free twitter for reliance users

Up until about a year ago, Airtel had a deal with Twitter where they would exclusively provide a Twitter via SMS service. Now Reliance Communications has grabbed a deal where they not only provide tweets via SMS but also voice blogs. To do this, they've tied up with Bubble Motion as well as celebrities like John Abraham, Lara Dutta, Riya Sen and Sonu Nigam to provide make voice blogs. They also plan to release voice blogs from sports stars next year. The voice blog service is available on RCOM across CDMA and GSM networks.

Twitter via SMS, viable or not?

Reliance's Twitter on SMS service is free until November 30th. However, given the number of people in India who actually use Twitter and how annoying it is to get an SMS every time someone you follow tweets, I'm a little curious as to how well this service will do. It will be a handy function for breaking news, however, there currently isn't a way to select which of the people you follow you receive SMSes from and which ones you don't. On the flip side, hearing celebrity voices over Twitter may give Indian masses a reason to subscribe to this service.