Monday, November 8, 2010

Gspace-free online drive via firefox using gmail space

Gspace is a Firefox plugin that allows users to use their Gmail account as an online storage. There is no restriction on file extension, you can upload any type of files as you like including executable. With this plug-in you can use unlimited Gmail accounts. Though it provides a simple and easy user interface those who are familiar with fireftp would feel more flexible as they can experience similar interface and working
Rather than just file storage it also provides some extra features. You can listen stored music directly from Gspace, view images and manage your Gdrive files as well.


How to install gspace in firefox

Gspace can be easily install from the firefox Add-ons submenu.

1. Select ‘Add-ons’ from firefox ‘Tools’ Menu.
2. Search for ‘gspace’ on the ‘Get Add-ons’ tab.
3. From the search result select  ‘gspace’ and click ‘Add to Firefox’.
4. Select ‘Install Now’ on the confirmation window.
5. Restart the firefox when prompted.

How to Use Gspace

To use ‘Gspace’ simply select it from the firefox ‘Tools’ menu.
Give ur gmail account credentials in ‘Manage Account’ Section.
Login and experience the Gspace .