Sunday, November 7, 2010

how to view bengali/বাংলা in mobile net

well!hi,guys(i dont think any gal will be interested in learning this trick)

well all you really need to have is-operamini browser and a mobile phone capable of doing internet and an internet connection.bsnl e-gprs will do the job nicely for indian 3g users.

first thing first:download operamini(i am taking the liberty of guessing that you already have a internet capable mobile phone).open your default browser and go to this

you’ll get a page like ‘screenshot 1’ operamini and install in your’ll get pop-up like ‘screenshot 2 and 3’.say yes to them all to install this application.

ok,now you installed’ll be available in your ‘applications’ folder(of course depending your phone,this could be a little bit different).

now into the url spacebar(i.e,the area where you enter the website address) type”opera:config”(without”).you will get a page like ‘screenshot 5’,go to the last option->”use bitmap fonts for complex scripts”.

it is by default ‘no’;just change this to ‘yes’.save the changes and return to the main page by pressing ‘back’ button

and ‘you’re done’.now view any bengali page in your mobile,even though the mobile itself might not support bengali.

‘screenshot 6’ is an example showing that this is really worin

P.S: this is done in a nokia 5800,but it'll work in any device capable of installing java application.