Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Interview with Jimmy Wales(wikipedia)

Q: Aside from India, what's a place of interest for you to develop Wikipedia in?
A: More than a place, it's really the language. We're very interested in Arabic and developing the presence of Arabic pages on Wikipedia.

Q: What do you think your next milestone will be?
A: We need to build a second data center. Right now, we're using one data center based in Florida. We're also looking at a full time usability team who research statistics on how people are using the site.

Q: When you talk about encyclopedias, often the target age group is kids and the way marketing for encyclopedias tends to work is by making presence in schools. Do you have plans for that in India?
A: We definitely want Wikipedia to be present in schools and we have plans for providing offline versions of Wikipedia for kids in case schools don't have the facilities for online versions.

Q: Will those offline versions be understandable by kids? Will they be kid-specific?
A: Children need to be facilitated but Wikipedia is for everybody. There won't be a kid specific version. An article on say, "Mumbai" will be understandable by an 11 year old and that is more likely what they'll be doing a project on. An article on "biomechanical engineering" though, an 11 year old most likely won't need that and that article can get heavy and technical. That being said, I do have ideas for the way Wikipedia articles should be laid out. The first few paragraphs should be general and easy to read. The article would get more technical and complex further on. 

Q: How often do you Wikipedia?
A: Everyday

Q: What's your favourite topic to Wikipedia?
A: Biographies

Q: Mac vs PC
A: Mac

Q: iPhone or Blackberry
A: Android

Q: Xbox or PS3?
A: Nintendo Wii

Q: Favourite video game?
A: A video game my daughter plays