Wednesday, November 10, 2010

is this dual screen tablet worth the price?

How would you like to own the world’s most powerful tablet, something similar to Microsoft’s canned Courier? How about this 'most powerful tablet' also be a dual screened tablet with a combined screen size of 28.2 inches, which the company is touting as a replacement for school textbooks?

Is it worth $1000??

Got you interested didn’t we? If you are on the lookout for something we just described, then ‘Kno’ has just the thing to satisfy your needs.

Running on Nvidia’s Tegra 2 chip with 16GB of inbuilt memory Memory, the Kno tablet uses two capacitive IPS screens, measuring 14.1-inches each. With Linux as its OS, Kno wants to launch its own app store with e-versions of textbooks which can be transferable between the tablet and other devices.

While all this sounds fine and dandy, the worrying thing is the price. The dual-screened version costs $899 while the single screen version is $599, which is quite a lot considering the Apple iPad costs around $875 for a 32GB 3G with Wi-Fi. Can a glorified textbook replace the iPad?