Friday, November 19, 2010

lightning kills pakis during kargil war

The Indian artillery, assisted by the Bofors gun and multi-barrel rocket launchers among others, caused the maximum damage to the Pakistani Army during the Kargil war, a fact now admitted by neighbour.

As per the official list of Pakistani soldiers who have been killed during the war period, put up on its website by the Pakistani Army, about 190 of the over 400 dead were killed because of shelling by the Indian Army.

The reasons for the maximum number of deaths given by the Pakistani army was "En Arty shelling" or "En shelling".
''En'' stands for Enemy, an obvious reference to Indian troops.
The Indian soldiers also killed another about 160 of regular Pakistani army men in exchange of fire with their hand-held assault weapons or as Pakistan puts it, "En Action".
Besides the exchange of fire, the Indian Army men also killed about 90 Pakistan Army personnel by shooting them down.
The reason given to such deaths was "En fire".

Even the Indian Air force, which bombarded certain territories captured by a mixture of Pakistan troops and militants, killed regular armymen.

It was not just the Indian army that Pakistan had to fight but also rolling stones and avalanches. About 30 enemy troops died in this category.

Interestingly, one of them was killed in lightning.