Sunday, November 7, 2010

obama in tweet

Interestingly Air Force One bagged a position on Twitter trends instead of Obama himself. As one Twitter user commented, "Air Force One is in trending while Obama is not, so his carrier overtakes his career." Though he may not have found a place in the global trends list, Obama was trending inMumbai, Delhi and Chennai according to — a website that maps Twitter trends geographically. 

The twitterati came up with their own interpretations, often hilarious, of what they saw on TV, subtitling the conversation that news channel crews couldn't catch. Here's what Twitter user "shubhos" thought Maharashtra CM Ashok Chavan said to Obama when he got off the plane — "Flat chahiye kya? Sea facing?" 

While much was made of Obama's expected visit to the Golden Temple in Amritsar, "taklooman" was sure the US president would never visit Bangalore. "Those buggers will make him outsource his presidency, that too at $10/Man Hour," he tweeted. 

The Commonwealth Games still looms large in public consciousness. After Kalmadi introduced us all to "president Abdul Kalam Azad" and " Princess Diana", a user UnnamedEntity offered sage advice — "Is Michelle Obama coming too? In that case, keep Suresh Kalmadi away from the welcome speech. 'And President's wife Whitney Houston also...'" 

Obama's India visit is the first leg of his 10-day Asia tour. Obama has long held that his trip's focal point would be job creation for American unemployed and opening up business opportunities for US businessmen. But if Twitter user "dibyabttb" is to be believed, that mission has been accomplished — albeit for India. He tweeted saying: "Obama created lots of jobs in India. Just see the new faces in the panels on the news channels." Touche.