Saturday, November 27, 2010

take this facebook(finally freedom is available for facebook users)

The long standing war between Facebook and Google will probably be an ongoing one, but people are getting fed up with the complications of not being allowed to sync contacts between the two. Well, one third party developer finally stood up and created a plugin for doing just this. This extension for Chrome is aptly titled ‘Facebook Doesn’t Own My Friends’, and it allows you to export your Facebook friends’ contact information directly into Gmail or into a .CSV file with no problems at all. 

Say what, Facebook?!

Check out what the developers have written in the description:

“Despite what Facebook says, if someone is your “friend” and you can see his/her email address on his/her Facebook info, they are probably OK with you emailing them. Facebook doesn’t let you export this data, so they expect you to click on each of your friends’ pages, copy their email address (or other contact information), and paste it into your email client. Kind of ridiculous? Yes.”

This open source software is up for grabs here, but hurry facebook might try to kill this.