Thursday, November 18, 2010

Twitter Mobile Adds Push Notifications For When You've Been Mentioned

Twitter, in its commitment to keep you updated on everything under the sun, has added push notifications to its mobile app for when you've been 'mentioned'. The microblog announced that whenever someone you follow's talked to you or about you, you'll receive an instant notification on your mobile phone. This allows you to have an almost streamlined conversation over Twitter. Of course, if you don't want people people to read your conversations, it's better to switch over to SMS. 

Get chirped at when you get mentioned or DMed 

In addition to receiving notifications for mentions, Twitter's also added instant notifications for direct messages on iPhones, similar to the feature on Twitter for Blackberry.  To turn on SMS notifications, go and check the boxes under “Text message notifications”. You can change your notifications settings at any time. For example, text “set mentions all’ to turn on notifications for @mentions from everyone, rather than just those whom you follow, and ‘set mentions off’ to turn off @mentions notifications