Monday, January 3, 2011

almost all household paints contain lead higher than permissive amount

Popular household paints might expose you to health hazards as they are found to have lead content more than the international permissible limit, a study claimed here.
An analysis by the Consumer Association of India in association with Quality Council of India and National Referral Centre on Lead Poisoning on several popular branded paints like Berger paints, ICI Dulux, Nippon Pylox, Gem Paints, Alfa Coat, Primer Paints, Laxmi Paints and Agsar Paints revealed that they contain unacceptable amount of lead.
"50 samples of 12 brands of wall paints were collected and analysed. This was done to determine the extent and degree of lead content in the paint. Eight brands of the enamel paints contained high concentration of lead which can be hazardous for human health," Dr Giridhar J Gyani, secretary general, Quality Council of India, said.
"The samples were tested in NABL accredited laboratories with technical support coming from National Referral Centre on Lead Poisoning in India," he said.
According to the survey findings, most of the enamel paints contained above 1000 parts per million lead standard.
83.87 per cent enamel samples contained more than 1000 ppm of lead while 61.3 per cent of samples had more than 5000 ppm. 38 per cent of all samples, including plastic, enamel and exterior, contained lead at levels above 90 ppm.
The internationally followed permissible limit is 90 ppm.
The golden yellow and deep orange colour of the Berger paints contain 133 and 253 times more lead content than permitted internationally and the same colours of ICI dulux contain three times and 46.9 times more lead content than permissible, the study claimed.
Venkatesh Thuppil, Director, National Referral Centre for Lead Poisoning, said, "They contain lead that is hazardous to health especially children''s health. Lead can enter the body through breathing or swallowing and it is considered the single largest polluter in the environment."
According to health experts, exposure to higher quantity of lead can lead to damage to the organs responsible for sperm production in men and to the brain and kidneys in adults and children. In pregnant women, high levels of exposure to lead can cause miscarriage.