Friday, January 28, 2011

i want an informed PM,not an ignorant one

through mr bahanvati,govt provides an excuse for appointing mr thomas as CVC.and if we call this lame excuse then its an insult to the word bahanvati said that PM was not aware that corruption charges were pending against him.its very unfortunate that govt thinks so little about the wisdom of common indian people.we are not idiot,mr PM.

what i do not understand is-till date all CVCs were selected unanimously.thomas is the first one whose appointment was objected and even then govt go ahead withe decision without caring to investigate the reason for the objection?the question is why was he appointed?and the govt logic is totally ridiculous;ignorance could not be the basis of avoidance of punishment.if govt took a decision regarding the post of CVC so carelessly then what is the benefit of keeping a govt?PM should just resign.
when raja steals,PM says i dont know;when a criminal is appointed as CVC,PM says i dont what is the benefit of having a PM if he does not know anything?is this a joke?just resign mr singh and lets give us a PM who knows something.