Tuesday, January 25, 2011

vid.ly-interesting approach to streaming video

Video streaming and sharing across multiple devices just got a little easier.Vid.ly is a new service from Encoding.com that allows video to be playable across multiple devices. All you have to do is upload the video once, and it does "the heavy lifting for you". The service transcodes the video into 14 formats so it's compatible across multiple devices. Vid.ly also provides a short URL (helpful to the Twitter/text message folk) and when the link is clicked, the version that's compatible with the device being used is streamed. These videos can also be embedded on web pages, with the same end purpose. Vid.ly will stream the video that is compatible with the device you're viewing the page with. 

Encoding.com isn't stopping there either. It's just getting started and in a few months, will unveil a pro version that will even offer API access. Their website is a little sluggish.To test you'll need to have exclusive invitation though.