Friday, February 11, 2011

finally ovi,symbian ang meego are dead

as already mentioned(,,this is the beginning of end for nokia.symbian was created to counter balance microsoft mobile os and nokia leads the nokia is abandoning the ship in favour of an os whose own future is not secure(i.e,WP7).this is the biggest mistake nokia is going to do;but probably they will not have enough time to repent this move.they will just be washed away from the market even before they understand what hits them.

instead of this suicidal move nokia should have attempted to take meego,a true open source os,forward.whatever sweet words they are using,its a clear end of ovi,symbian and meego.the giant has finally fallen.we will maintain one minute silence here in the memory of a good os which was killed by the negligence of its largest shareholder and finally full owner.

symbian and meego,we will miss you