Friday, April 8, 2011

samsung might launch bada 2.0 in india first

According to the report here,samsung might actually launch version 2.0 its propriety mobile os bada in india first.This might seem a little bit too good particularly because indian users are accustomed to be mishandled by mobile phone makers.The cases in point are nokia(never launched n800 in india) or apple(usually it's products are launched when the next versions are launched elsewhere in the world),htc.
In that case please remember that this is a strictly business decision for samsung.According to them,selling of their bada os devices are equal in number with the selling of their android devices.Plus i think having the largest developing hub in india(outside korea of course) does not hurt either.
Though there is a doubt how will this exactly benefit end-users!Because the s8500 users are yet to receive update to bada1.2.Just hoping that they will be treated better this time.
Personally speaking i have a request to samsung-please give student concession for these smart devices.It'll help me and other students to buy these devices.Otherwise,i could only look at others using it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!