Sunday, April 17, 2011

zeitgeist global privacy is coming

Zeitgeist is a great thing and is going to be quite popular,particularly because ubuntu 11.04+ is using this feature(some people might say that ubuntu is now going to be popular because of using zeitgeist,but ...........:)).

The only problem was the lack of respect of privacy shown by zeitgeist;but this is going to be changed.Cando mentioned in his blog that the following features will be available in future

  • the possibility to delete a part of Zeitgeist history (last hour, last day, last week,…);
  • the possibility to blacklist an application or a particular MIME type (where blacklist mean that Zeitgeist won’t log anything that the user does with this particular application);
  • the possibility of  inhibit the logging of a particular folder.
So this is a great move in the right direction.Best wishes from me!!!!!

Edit:there will also be an option for “stop logging for a while, I am going to watch some porn”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(check at the comment section,lol)