Tuesday, May 3, 2011

DOSprompt 2.0 released

DOSprompt is an MS-DOS Command Prompt for Windows users to use Linux.
Many long-time windows system administrators have trouble changing from Windows to Linux. This is a MS/DOS-like command prompt to make it easier.
From their release
After over a month of hard development, DOSprompt 2.0 "Cubicle" Stable has been released! But don't expect much of a slowdown; If you have been watching us on GitHub, or the imported bazaar repository here, you will know that we have alread made remarkable improvements and additions to dosprompt. These will soon work their way into a DOSprompt-2.2a1 package, and will eventually become DOSprompt-2.2!
One fun feature of DOSprompt 2.2 will be the websearch plugin. With it, you can quickly get definitions and more from DuckDuckGo, right in DOSprompt! However, the most notable improvement will probably be the powerful DBus integrations, enabling variable sync (between all plugins and instances of DOSprompt), as well as a much more powerful plugin API
Addition of duckduckgo.com is a real nice touch.
The files could be accessed here