Friday, May 20, 2011

how to subscribe RSS feed?

Many of my friends are asking me to write about this.So here is an way followed by me-
Now the first question is-
what is a RSS feed?
RSS is a simple,easy and effective way to follow websites.Full form of RSS is "really simple syndication".In this,if you are subscribed to the RSS feed of an website,blog or any page then whenever new items are posted in it,it'll appear in your RSS reader.There are lots of RSS reader available.My favourite is the google reader.You can even access it in your mobile or desktop by typing in your browser.
How to subscribe?
The sites which contain RSS feed usually have an icon indicating the feed.Just click on it.
For this blog,look at the right hand side.There is an option of "subscribe to"-it has "posts" and "all comments" as sub-option.
Click on the "posts".Now there will be options of readers like the above screenshot.
Because google reader is my favourite option,i clicked on the google option.
Now the google reader page will open.It'll appear like this--
Just click on the subscribe option and you are done.
You could add other sites in similar ways.

After this,you could check this blog for new additions just by visiting google reader.
To visit google reader,type in your browser-be it mobile or desktop.
And if you like a post,dont forget to press the "like" button available in google reader  and share the post.