Thursday, May 5, 2011

midori with improved speed dial,private browsing and user agent

Midori is a webkit based browser just like chromium or safari.Because of its open-source nature,its quite popular amongst linux hard-core users.Now midori makes some improvement with speed dial,private browsing and user agent string.
With private browsings,there are now options of masking
-Netscape plugins
-disabling of DNS prefetching
-disabling all HTML5 storage facilities
-stripping referrer details
Plus private browsing mode could be opened now with "--private" in command line.
Midori now removes the language and encryption from the user agent string,probably inspired by firefox and chromium.If you want to read the new user agent string properly,here is an example.Because some 'minor' websites like facebook and few google sites wrongly identified it as mobile browser,midori now prefixes with mozilla.
As far as speed dial is concerned,this is an excerpt from the release
So Midori is going full speed ahead, we support the new libSoup cache now (WebKitGTK+ 1.3.11 or greater required) which supersedes the old extension, support for F6, F7 and Ctrl(+Shift)+Tab and Tab in completion and a faster speed dial, which is still in the middle of even greater improvements, so stay stuned for more goodness in the future.