Monday, June 6, 2011

@nokiahelps read my post

Few days  back made a blog post here-Nokia,Bangla (bengali) & a long fight -about the lack of support of bengali-the world's 6th largest language-in nokia's high-end sets.While writing the post,i never thought nokia will ever read it;but apparently i was wrong.Never more happy in life being wrong.@nokiahelps replied to me that they're forwarding this post for further action.Hopefully there will be more support for bengali and other indian languages now for nokia's high-end sets.Amen to that.
Frankly speaking,i am getting better support in twitter than i ever got from emailing them.Hopefully this will continue in future and will not stop.
Here's a screenshot of the post
Screenshot-Twitter - @docbkp - Mozilla Firefox11