Wednesday, July 20, 2011

changed UI for @google services

Joined google plus few days back.
After this,i am seeing new UIs for many google services.Dont know if this has anything to do with google+ or google is rolling the new features as it is.
As mentioned here,google is providing new inbox styles to its users.My inbox now looks like this.
 This is actually better;because now the keyboard shortcut is not contradictory anymore.Previously g->i leads to priority inbox but according to the shortcut list it should take us to inbox.This contradiction ends now.
As mentioned in these articles,blogger was planned to undergo a UI change.Its finally available for me.

The look is good;but this is causing some problem for me.Particularly the location feature is not working.Previously i enjoyed this feature and make few posts with my locations;but now whenever i searched for barrackpore,it shows unknown location.Same for kolkata,westbengal or india.Apparently,blogger stooped recognising any place in india.Dont know if this is an india-centric action or generalised to other countries as well.
Edit1:The location service is working now.I dont know what happened different this time.Just that,after selecting location option,a pop-up informed me that wanted to access my location and asked for my permission.After allowing it,the location is working now;but i was never asked this particular question previously!!!!!!!!!!why not & why now?Something to do with chromium v14??????????
Edit2:Firefox(v6,beta2) is asking now,too.