Sunday, July 24, 2011

google docs support ZIP/RAR preview

Google docs could preview most of the documents attached in the mail.The problem arises when the documents are compressed-either in zip or rar format.Then the file need to be downloaded and then to be extracted for opening.This counters the basic principle of viewing the document before downloading.
Now google adds the feature of previewing even compressed document files without downloading.Great feature indeed,particularly because it helps to preview even multiple compressed file-like a rar file inside a zipped file!!!!!!!!!!
From the blog--

This will bring up a view that includes all of the files in the archive, the file types, and the size of those files.

When you hover over the list you can activate a menu by clicking the “Actions” button. You’ll be able to View items supported by Google Docs Viewer and Print (PDF) those that we offer PDF support. Save to Google Docs and Download appear for all files.

This feature is available even for mobile version of google doc too!!!!!!!!!!!