Thursday, August 11, 2011

Facebook,psychological disorder & anonymous

While checking through different online posts,found 2 very interesting posts about facebook.
In the first article an analysis was done on facebook users.The study says that Facebook is turning teenagers into narcissists, and that overuse of the social network can cause physical and mental disorders in young users,including antisocial behaviours.
Very interesting study indeed;particularly because it carries some good news also for people like me--'Facebook can help introvert young adults socialise and come out of their shell'.
Don't know when that will happen to me though!!
Now regarding the second article—this is published in pcmag.According to the article anonymous,the famous hacker group, threatened to bring down facebook on its knees on 5th November!!!!!!!!
Interestingly AnonOps, as close to a reliable mouthpiece as there is for goings-on within Anonymous writ large, initially distanced itself from Operation Facebook."We don't 'kill' the messenger. That's not our style," the @anonops Twitter feed tweeted on early Wednesday morning.
But AnonOps later tweeted that Operation Facebook was "is being organised by some Anons. This does not necessarily mean that all of #Anonymous agrees with it."
If they could really make this possible,undoubtedly many parents throughout the world will be very happy(for saving their kids from becoming antisocial);but simultaneously lots of kids & geeks will be very angry towards them.
Will they take that risk?
And more importantly will they be able to do it?particularly to facebook? Specially in the light of their collective plans to retire their "Low Orbit Ion Cannon" DDoS tool???????????????
I guess,only time could answer this------------------