Sunday, August 21, 2011

Google improves its sitelink feature

Usually for searches, the first result may include a list of links to specific sections of the site, which are called “sitelinks.”When google first launched them years ago, they were much more limited—a single row of just four links;as shown below:
Sitelinks are quite useful because 
  1. they can help predict which sections of the site users want to visit.
  2. thet help users to navigate quickly to the most relevant part of the site, which is particularly handy for large and complex websites. 
  3. they also provide a good overview of a website's content, 
  4. and let webmasters expose areas of the site that visitors may not know about. 
Understanding this,google improved its sitelink feature.Sitelinks will now be full-size links with a URL and one line of snippet text.Maximum number of sitelinks per query increased also from eight to 12.
Improved sitelinks with URLs and snippet text

In addition, extra steps are taken to reduce link duplication and to create a better organized search results page. 
Further info could be found here
These changes will be available in all supported languages to anyone using a modern browser, such as Chrome, Firefox or IE 7 and above.