Wednesday, September 14, 2011

eina 0.12.0 released

Eina is a classic music player for a modern era.Most music player try to help users by organising the music files.Eina uses a different approach.It does not force users to organise files according to the rule of music player.Instead it allows users to organise their music file according to their wish.It just plays the music.
Now version 0.12.0 is released.It has following additions--
Eina 0.12.0 is an stable release but should be understood as a tecnology preview
- Gapless play
  Gapless play (aka non-pause play) is available in the same degree as gstreamer does, unfortunately, this doesn't mean perfect gapless play.
- libpeas-based plugins
  Plugins now can be written in C, python, javascript or any language supported by libpeas (
- Playback backend rewritten.
  Old bugs and workarounds fixed, more consistent API and improved documentation.
- Faster startup
  Some improvements have been done to make Eina more responsive at startup
- Fieshta mode (plugin)
  This plugin adds the basis for 'party mode' (no random skip within the playlist, no seek. Queue it and wait your turn).
- MPRIS support
The procedure for installing the ppa is described here.

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