Saturday, October 8, 2011

libreoffice windows binaries created successfully under linux

Libreoffice is an open-source office suite.It can create & edit office documents;even the proprietary microsoft office formats.Its a cross-platform software-available for windows,linux and mac;but the developers of this great app use linux distros mainly.
Until recently the binaries (the installer files) for windows users were not possible to create under linux;but recently devs achieved this feat also.Using mingw-an open-source compiler-they successfully made the windows binary under linux.
In short,LO devs could now create Windows binaries for the large no of Windows users using linux distros.
More detail could be found here--
Based on Tor's, Fridrich's, and others great work, I was able to get the MinGW cross-compilation to state that it not only builds, but even runs! :-)  The good thing about all this is that with this, you do not need a Windows machine at all to be able to produce LibreOffice Windows executable.  Even debugging can be done on Linux, using wine. 
The full description is here:
Few highlights: 
- use the pre-build MinGW packages from OBS   [], it will save you lots   of pain - don't expect a nice installer, the result of build is just a tarball   containing the executable and libraries - the resulting build works under wine - you can use winedbg to debug that 

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