Sunday, November 20, 2011

worst 3G experience at singur

For professional reasons,i am posted at singur of hooghly district,westbengal (or is it paschimbanga now??????).So,naturally i was trying to use the 3G services of BSNL to check my mail and net surfing.At least that was the plane.
But the reality is horrible.A single post took more than 1 hour to do and after one post was done,the network became non-responsive;when the network was available.Most of the time though,the network fluctuated so much,that by the time i was posting the network was gone totally.Had to wait for 10-15 min for it to available again;so that i could finish the post.
Here are two examples--one & two
It took more than one hour to make these two simple posts.
After that,i thought its probably due to BSNL network problem.So i manually checked the network availability of 3G operators at singur in my nokia 5800.
Not  a single operator was available!!!!!!!!!!!!!No voda,aircel,reliance!!!!!!!!!!!!
And this is within 30 km distance from kolkata!!!!!!!!!!so we could imagine the condition of the rest of the bengal!!!!!!!!!!!!

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