Sunday, April 1, 2012

google maps 8-bit for NES

Just few hours ago ,posted about the gmail tap. Downloading link provided in the blog post of google was not working. That's one of the weak link in that.
But this latest attempt of google map for NES  takes care of that.Its created obviously with much more care.
My friend risabh gupta first directed me in this direction in twitter.
The beauty of this google map attempt is its actually working which is not expected in case of a joke.
All you have to do is to press the quest button visible in the upper right corner of google map.
and suddenly the map will be converted into NES-8 bit mode.
I actually searched for my town Barrackpore in it.It appeared!

Though the river Ganges was not in blue colour initially but it changed into blue on zooming in.
The video in which its explained--