Friday, August 30, 2013

difficulties in using aircel 3G

Presently, I am using mobile internet connection with +Aircel and +Huawei India modem -E355.

Initially, i took a connection of 2GB data for 3 months. Once it is consumed, i planned to make a recharge.

The ordeal began at that point.

Aircel simply does not allow 3G data recharge online. Though they have an online recharge facility, but it does not work. When you are going to use the option of data for 3G dongle, it will suggest you to use pocket internet smart option and then on using pocket internet smart option, it will suggest you to use something else!

I am there to recharge my data balance, why should i use any other service? Its an incredulous behaviour and suggestion.

However, the recharge is working from retailers; but why should i have to go to retailers when i could do it online? In fact, +Aircel should provide additional data to those willing to do the recharge online.

Instead of giving more data, what +Aircel is doing is giving more headache and misery to the tech savvy generation. Really a sorry state of affair! 

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