Saturday, February 15, 2014

opening feedly tabs in background in chromium

using +feedly since +Google killed googlereader. all credits should be given to the developers of +feedly for creating such a good reader and for scaling up their operations so smoothly. there were some problems, but overall the transfer from googlereader to +feedly  was smooth.

the only thing i missed about +Google reader was the ability to open the news links in background tabs. whenever i pressed 'v', the links opened in a new focused tab. my habit was to open the interesting news first in the background and then reading them. it was really helpful to me probably because of my slow internet connection. i did not find this feature  in +feedly . in +Mozilla Firefox , it was not a problem; however it was a big problem for chromium.

finally found an extension to solve this problem - Feedly Background Tab. really could not understand why i did not find this one earlier! finally able to open background tab with ';'.