Wednesday, August 25, 2010

7 security nightmares India must prepare for

When India tested nuclear bombs in 1998, its leaders hailed it as some sort of a scarecrow that would deter its enemies from adopting aggressive designs. But ironically, the last 12 years have seen an increase in hostility against India. Its sphere of influence has shrunk as neighbours yield to the Chinese temptation. Amorphous, boundary-less terrorist networks have become powerful adversaries in their own right. Naxal violence has removed any semblance of governance in wide areas and home-grown Jihadists are proliferating. The problems are too many but there is no clarity on what long-term strategies the government has developed to face them. Here are seven worst-case scenarios that India must prepare for, though some are low probability.
1.Pakistan's Nuclear Capacity Falls into the Hands of Rogue States/Terrorists
2.War on Terror Fizzles out and the taliban Returns
3.China Encircles India and Launches a Limited War
4.Naxalite Rule Replaces Government in Wider Areas
5.Home-Grown Jihadists Spread
6.The Rest of South Asia Turns Hostile
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