Saturday, August 28, 2010

Another Nano went up in flames

mamata ki ei jatra bachiye dilo?it seems so after reading these incidences

Barely three months after Tata Motors certified the Nano as '' absolutely safe'' , in a first in Delhi, a car went up in flames at a parking lot in Aurobindo Marg on Friday. The driver managed to get out on seeing sparks; in all of two minutes, only a charred frame remained.

The car, which belonged to a Supreme Court advocate, had just pulled into the parking lot around 11.30am when driver Patrick John noticed sparks coming from the rear, where the engine is located. '' I was waiting in the car, having just parked it, when sparks started coming out.

Thankfully, I managed to leap out of the car in time. I shudder to think what might have happened otherwise, since it was all over so fast. The entire car was destroyed in two minutes flat,'' said John.

Two similar incidents were reported in Vadodara and Mumbai earlier this year following which Tata Motors launched an inquiry.

In May, it said the accidents were due to unrelated reasons and that the car was safe. The company has called a probe into Friday's incident; a spokesperson from Mumbai said a Tata team would inspect the vehicle to ascertain the reasons behind the accident.