Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mother's touch brings 'dead' baby back to life

luckily this happened in australia.imagine if it takes place in india.the poor doctor will be beaten to death by the family members.

 An Australian woman has left doctors baffled the world over after she revealed how she cuddled her "still born" premature baby back to life.

Delivered at just 27 weeks' gestation at a local hospital in Sydney, baby Jamie Ogg showed no signs of life.

Jamie was handed over to mother Kate after doctors announced that they had lost him. After Jamie was placed in her arms, Kate gradually unwrapped his blankets and placed him on her chest so that her husband David and she could say their final goodbyes.

Jamie's twin sister, Emily, had survived the birth and was doing well reported the Daily Telegraph.

Kate also revealed that after two hours of being cuddled and being spoken to by Kate and David, Jamie began to gasp. Doctors explained that it was a 'reflex' but Jamie continued to gasp and finally opened his eyes.

After five months, the family revealed on Australia television the miraculous story of Jamie's birth and the importance of 'skin-to-skin' bonding between mother and child.

David, Jamie's father, said that he was lucky to have a wife who was smart enough to have known instinctively what would work for the baby.

In Britain, mothers are encouraged to have skin-to-skin contact with their babies as it helps with feeding, bonding and settling the child into a new environment. However, this is often not possible when kids are born in a premature stage and have to be kept and nurtured in an incubator