Sunday, September 19, 2010

ATS chief, deputy contest over Pune blast arrest

The arrest of German Bakery blast mastermind Mirza Himayat Baig has sparked a blame game between the Mumbai Anti-Terror Squad chief and his deputy.

After the arrest of Baig, ATS chief Rakesh Maria had said, "We have made the first arrest. Himayat Baig was arrested from Camp Road in Pune."

But barely eight days later, his deputy DIG Ravindra Kadam said it's improper to call Baig the mastermind as he had not even visited Pune.

Kadam said, "Himayat Baig did not go to Pune. He was involved in the conspiracy of the German Backery blast. Yasin was the one who planted the bomb at the backery. Himayat Baig cannot be called the mastermind. Mohsin Chaudhary can be called the mastermind of the German Backery blast."